What's the difference between a self hosted service and an online webhosting account?

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There are lots of differences between the two services.

  1. A self hosted service runs on your current internet connection therefore the only price you pay is your ISP bill while an online web hosting account will cost a yearly fee depending on the provider.
  2. On your self hosted service you are not bound by the limitations imposed by the web hosting provider eg, data space, number of email addresses/accounts, control over server settings, number of domains hosted, scripting, databases & extensions, site management tools.
  3. On an online webhosting account your privacy is always ignored as someone always checks on your stored data while on a self hosted service you control permissions on whom accesses what.
  4. Email privacy is always a concern specially when the mail server is provided by an online service provider, while a self hosted service is controlled by you and data is all on your own server.
  5. On a online hosting account the data is usually backed up by the provider while on a self hosted service you control the frequency of your backups.